Partick VIPs read One Day by David Nicholls

photo of David Nicholls - One day book coverWe were lucky enough to be reading One Day in March when it was topical as one of the books chosen for World Book Night. It provoked a lively discussion – some people were offended by the bad language and references to drug taking; here are some of the positive comments:

Ann: I really, really enjoyed it.  I thought it was really good.  The best book I’ve ever listened to, definitely.

Kriss: Well, I really do appreciate the fact that we have these books early.  You know, you sometimes…you used to get these old outdated novels…but this is current and they’re making a movie of it and we hear it being discussed on BBC 4, so we appreciate the fact that we’re currently reading something that is of value to us, that we can relate to.

Ann: I really loved it.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  And I’m really impressed that we got it so quickly when it is, like Kriss said, it’s out there and everybody’s talking about it.  And we can join in now because we’ll have read the book ourselves.  I think that if we were buying it, it would be very, very expensive.  We probably couldn’t afford it so being able to get it through the library was really, really good.  The best book that I’ve read in a long time.


One response to “Partick VIPs read One Day by David Nicholls

  1. An update from Ann at September’s meeting – she went to see the film of One Day as soon as it came out. According to Ann, despite the poor reviews of Anne Hathaway’s Yorkshire accent, it wasn’t as bad as made out! Overall she thought the film was true to the book and enjoyed it.

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