Happy New Year from the Falkirk group!

 Our last book of 2011 was The Forgotten Highlander by Alistair Urquhart. Photo of Alistair Urquhart - The Forgotten Highlander book cover

Everyone who read it enjoyed it though “enjoyed” is not really the right word to use. There was a great deal of discussion about this book and the tone of discussion was unusually serious. Mr Urquhart faced huge hardship during his time as a POW held by the Japanese during the Second World War. We all felt humbled by his tenacity and strength of character. This book more than any other had a profound effect on the group, several of whom had close relatives who had had similar experiences to Mr Urquhart. Younger members of the group found the book moving too and saw it as an insight into an aspect of the Second World War that is often forgotten.

  “I read it twice. There was so much detail I felt I had to read it again to do it justice.”

 “It’s hard to believe that human beings could treat each other like that.”

 “To be honest, I couldn’t read it. It reminded me too much of my father and what he suffered during the war.”


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