Falkirk’s January meeting

We were reading Phil Rickman’s The Bones of Avalon. photo of Phil Rickman - The Bones of Avalon book coverIt tells the story of John Dee, Elizabeth 1’s astrologer and adviser who is sent on a mission to Glastonbury to ascertain the whereabouts of King Arthur’s bones. I suppose we’d have to give it 2 out of 10 as only 2 of us liked it! The other 8 were not impressed. Several people made the point that C. J. Sansom sets his books in a similar time and deals with similar issues but does it better. Still, if you like your historical fiction with a supernatural edge, this could be the book for you.

 “Although this wasn’t the sort of book I usually enjoy, I was intrigued by it and couldn’t wait to see what happened. I like the fact that the book was about John Dee’s character and the emotional journey he goes through as well as being about the plot against Elizabeth. I was disappointed in Dudley.”

 “It was rubbish! I only made it through one and a half discs.”

 “I’ve read other books by Phil Rickman. I enjoyed this one but it wasn’t his best.”

 “There was too much swearing and it somehow didn’t sit well.”

 Group recommendations:

  •  C J Sansom Shardlake series.
  • Karen Campbell Proof of Life
  • Emma Blair Wild Strawberries
  • Michael Connolly Reversal



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